World-class mentors, disruptive technologies, hands-on workshops, and social activities – join us in exploring the new horizons of neurosurgery and thinking beyond boundaries.

Granada, Spain | 21 – 24th September, 2022

Dear Friends,

Under the theme “Harmony in Diversity”, our program will offer space for highlighting the significance and power of multifariousness in both neurosurgery and beyond. We aim to spark debate and revolutionize a new era of neurosurgery.

Furthermore, our congress will feature the beauty in extraordinariness – breaking the chain and thinking differently while paving the way for a new era.

Embarking upon our journey in Granada, we would like to welcome you to a time of learning and exchanging ideas. The zest finale to our conference will be a trip to discover the wonderful beaches in Spain.

We look forward to having you with us!

Boundless Memories

A short video, to remind those who joined us of our beautiful time in Crete for our 1st Congress. We hope this is just a small taste of what’s to come.

Invited Speakers

World-renowned speakers who shared their experiences and enlightened us with their expertise on-site.

Alexa Canady
Walter Stummer
Samer Elbabaa
Jörg Tonn
Tatiana Vilasboas
Markus Holling
Peter Vajkoczy
Atilla Yilmaz
Owase Jeelani

... and many more to come!

Abstract Center

Last year we had over 80 Abstract Submissions!  The registration period is from April the 15th to July the 31st. Click on the button for more information! 


Combining the technological advances that our sponsors will showcase with the expertise of our Neurosurgeons, we will provide you with a multitude of interesting, hands-on, state of the art workshops to play around with! Stay tuned for more!

The Social Program

A program full of exploration and fun will provide entertainment and rest between other activities. You will get the chance to explore Granada, learn about its history and beatiful sceneries with a hint of gaming thrown in the mix, and on Sunday the 25th of September, explore Nerja and Malaga!

The Scientific Program

We are working hard in order to prepare the best possible Scientific Program to match our vision of Harmony in Diversity. We will keep you updated as the Programm is finalized and we can announce more details. 

The Gala Dinner

After a long and exciting Scientific Program, we plan to all celebrate together in a fancy Gala Dinner on Saturday the 24th of September. Bring your Black-Tie Dinner attires and your Carnival masks! Further details on dress code and specifics will be announced on a later day. 

The Team

Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Our congress has partnered up with Iberia Airlines to offer you a 10% discount on your flight to and from Spain! You can get the discount once you register. 

Hotel & Lodging

Macia Hotel del Alhambra, one of the finest hotels in Granada, will welcome our stay and serve as the venue for our Night Gala on Saturday, the 24th of September! We have secured wonderful discount prices for our attendees! You will get the discount code upon registering. Hurry up!  

A Healthy Souvenir

We have partnered up with a bottle company to bring you a limited-edition souvenir to remember this event for years to come! The logo was hand-picked from a wonderfull selection that our attendees created in a contest! You can find more information here

join us in granada!

Granada, Spain | 21th-24th September 2022


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