Degree Level

Abdulrauf University of Neurosurgery™ was founded to create a compendium of neurosurgical knowledge and literature for neurosurgeons, residents and medical students worldwide. As the world’s only academic university for the field of neurosurgery, it will grant diplomas in Neurosurgery to those who successfully complete all educational and research requirements. In addition to the core academic course requirements, it is required that each student be enrolled in a research project in the AUN Center for Research, and has his/her work published in a peer-reviewed journal prior to graduation.

Mission & Values

The primary purpose of the Abdulrauf University of Neurosurgery is to provide a transformative learning environment for medical students, residents and neurosurgeons worldwide to examine critically, discover, harness cutting edge techniques, and to transmit knowledge with the ultimate goal of finding solutions for our patients to improve quality of life and survival.