Research Institute

The AUN is establishing an ambitious program for research in the field of Neurosurgery. The AUN Research Institute will encompass neurosurgeons serving as principal investigators (PIs) with AUN residents and medical students forming the respective teams for each project. This unique model will lend itself to gather multi-center, multi-country, multi-continent clinical data thus allowing the opportunity to answer vexing questions about neurosurgical disease management. 

Be Part of the Future of Neurosurgery
Clinical Studies

The Research Institute of the AUN will address two key limiting factors for neurosurgeons from leading clinical studies:

1) The restraints of a tight work schedule
2) A relatively small patient cohort. 

For each PI, the Research Institute of the AUN offers the following:


1) You will be provided with a team of neurosurgery residents and medical students that will collect, collate, and analyze the data. The research team will be composed of members from institutions and countries around the globe, which will give rise to high impact studies through larger patient cohorts.



2) You will be provided with support during the editorial process for your manuscript. This will include not only relative statistical appraisal but also peer review for the project, prior to submission of the manuscript.

Please find below the organizational chart of the AUN Research Institute, which lends insight into the structure that allows us to make this innovative project possible:

If you are interested in becoming a Principal Investigator/lead author for a meta-analysis, systemic review, prospective observational study, case control, or cross-sectional study, we ask you to complete the form below, so that we may get in touch with you. Your participation is most welcomed.(There is no fee or cost to you to become PI/Lead author)