Bottle Design Competition

2nd Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery
Granada 22-24 September, 2022

Water is the essence of life.

For implementing a healthy Work-Life-Balance, a well-balanced nutrition is the center of taking care of your body. With water being the most important and unfortunately not for granted taken resource we thought that a water-glasbottle would be the best memory to take home. It will remind you of taking care of yourself, realizing the importance of water and it will give you the possibility of taking healthy water everywhere with you.

In order to not have just a simple bottle but one with special memories on it, we asked you to create a design that reflects our congress in Granada!

Thank you for coming together and creating so many wonderful and smart designs!

The contest ended already on the 30th of May. Thank you to those who participated!

The facts: It will be a 0.6 Liter Glas Bottle produced by Check their website and Instagram to get an impression of the bottles. 

We are so excited to have a meaningfull souvenir to take back home after our conference!

The Winning Design!

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