Our conference is the 1st medical students-based Neurosurgical meeting in the region, hosting and offering golden opportunities to medical students interested in Neurology & Neurosurgery.
With a variety of professors both national & international providing keynote lectures & panel discussions, we will also be offering hands-on training workshops given by well-known International groups, all of that for a wonderful 2- days experience that will broaden the perspectives of medical students on Neurosurgery.

Beirut, Lebanon | 5th and 6th of March 2022

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Thousands & hundreds of years ago, the Arab World played a major historical role in the development of medicine in general, and surgery in specific. With the publishing of the “Al-Tasrif” book by the father of modern surgery, – Abu Al Qasim Al Zahrawi -, many surgical procedures & instruments began to pave the way into existence, including Neurosurgery 

 Indeed, many doctors & surgeons of the Arab Region are now excelling both nationally and around the globe 

 The time has finally come for the 1st Medical Students-Based Neurosurgical Meeting in The Arab Region, where youth & pioneers unite for a better future of Neurosurgery! 


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With our conference theme being “Active Youth Engagement in the Field of Neurosurgery”, our conference will offer an open space for students to outcast their passion and actively engage themselves in our conference through selected student-presentations.

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Beirut, Lebanon | 5th and 6th of March 2022