Abstract Center

2nd Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery

Granada 21-24 September 2022

Welcome to the Abstract Center of the 2nd Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery. We are looking forward to receiving all the diverse researches you have been working on. 

The Abstract Center will be open between the 15th of April and the 15th of July. There is no limit to the number of abstracts one person can upload. It is, however, necessary to make a different submission for every abstract you would like to apply with. To submit more than one abstract, simply click “submit”, open a new tab and follow the procedure again. 

Harmony in Diversity

Students can submit abstracts on any topic related to neurosurgery or the neurosciences. Abstracts will be considered for oral presentations, rapid fire presentations or electronic posters during the student sessions. Under the theme “Harmony in Diversity”, our program will offer space for highlighting the significance and power of multifariousness in both neurosurgery and beyond. Hence, a small selection of student abstracts will be accepted for oral presentations during one of the two highlight sessions that will be held to spark debate and revolutionize a new era of neurosurgery. 

Our first session will feature the beauty in extraordinariness – breaking the chain and thinking differently all while paving the way for novelty. The second session will endorse significance of flattening the hierarchy in the field of neurosurgery on different tiers – ethnicity, accessibility, disability, and gender. 

Please note the following:

By signing this formula, you ensure to be the copyright author of your uploaded abstract. Additionally, your abstract has not been published yet. The presenting author must be on-site at the congress to present the abstract on stage. There are no online sessions available. 

Rules for the Abstract

The abstract should not exceed a word count of 250 words. It is important that the abstract is divided into Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions. The abstract should be structured and reduce the core statement of the research to the essentials.

The abstracts will be reviewed and evaluated anonymously. We accept all kinds of abstracts. There is the possibility of a poster presentation. Outstanding papers will get the chance to be presented on stage in the form of Rapid Fire Sessions or Oral Presentations.