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The University

The Abdulrauf University of Neurosurgery™ (AUN) is a non-profit online institution of higher education (501c3-US tax code) headquartered in the United States. The AUN, the first academic neurosurgical university in the world, was founded in collaboration with the Abdulrauf Institute of Neurosurgery in 2021. All Certificates issues will be under the auspices of the Abdulrauf Institute of Neurosurgery™.


What role will the AUN
play in Global Neurosurgery

The AUN intends to become the compendium of neurosurgical knowledge and literature. It will grant diplomas to neurosurgeons (Ph.D. in Neurosurgery), residents in neurosurgery training (Master of Science in Neurosurgery), and medical students seeking to enter the field of neurosurgery (Bachelor of Science in Neurosurgery). We seek to incorporate the highest standards of novel technology to elevate neurosurgical education to a new level. Moreover, through a global online educational platform, we strive to provide equal opportunity and inclusivity to neurosurgeons, residents, and medical students worldwide. The AUN seeks to become the Youmans for the next generation of neurosurgeons and to mentor all of its students to become neurosurgeon scientists.

What Role will the AUN play for students, residents, and neurosurgeons?

One of the key elements central to the strategic goal of the AUN is to improve patient outcomes throughout the world by creating a novel model for life-long learning for neurosurgeons. Neurosurgery is one of the most demanding specialties in the field of medicine, and to achieve exceptionalism (the goal for every neurosurgeon), it may take up to 30 years following completion of residency training. The aim of the AUN is to decrease this time period for neurosurgeons by more than half.

Mission and Values:

The primary purpose of the Abdulrauf University of Neurosurgery is to provide a transformative learning environment for medical students, residents and neurosurgeons worldwide to examine critically, discover, harness cutting edge techniques, and to transmit knowledge with the ultimate goal of finding solutions for our patients to improve quality of life and survival.

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