Master of Science in Neurosurgery

for Neurosurgery Residents

Degree Outcomes

  • You will learn fundamentals of neurosurgery from leading experts in the world
  • You will have access to mentors in the sub-specialty of your interest
  • You will be published in a top journal as a requirement of research within the Master’s degree
  • You will have access to top fellowships following your residency

Degree Requirements & Prerequisites

The Master’s degree in Neurosurgery is being offered to residents who are training in accredited neurosurgery residency programs. A total of 60 credit points (CPs) are required for graduation. A maximum of 30 CPs will be accepted for transfer (from educational and practical work during residency). Thirty CPs will be required to be completed in the AUN for graduation. . All requirements must be completed within 4 years of matriculation into the AUN to obtain the Master of Science in Neurosurgery degree (the minimum amount of time to obtain the degree is 2 years).

Please Note: Matriculation/Registration for the Degree is only allowed after the student has taken one course (the first course – Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery) of the AUN. We want to assure that the AUN fits the educational needs of the student before fully matriculating. If after taking the first course, the student matriculates, full credit for the first course will be given. If the student decides not to matriculate, the student will be given a certificate of completion of the first course.

Matriculation For Master's Degree