Bachelor of Science in Neurosurgery

for Medical Students

Degree Outcomes

  • You can get your diploma in a minimum of 2 years (or may be extended across the length of your medical school)
  • You will be far better prepared for Neurosurgery Residency than students who entered prior to the inception of the AUN
  • You will be published in a major journal before you graduate
  • You will have access to mentors who will help guide your career
  • You will have opportunities to do clinical clerkships in other countries in partnership with the AUN

Degree Requirements & Prerequisites

The bachelor’s degree in Neurosurgery is being offered to medical students who are attending fully accredited medical schools. A total of 120 credit points (CPs) are required for graduation. A maximum of 90 CPs will be accepted for transfer (from courses completed in medical school). A minimum of 30 CPs will be required to be completed in the AUN for graduation. All requirements must be completed within 4 years of matriculation into the AUN to obtain the Bachelor of Science in Neurosurgery degree (the minimum amount of time to obtain the degree is 2 years).

Please Note: Matriculation/Registration for the Degree is only allowed after the student has taken one course (the first course Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery) of the AUN. We want to assure that the AUN fits the educational needs of the student before fully matriculating. If after taking the first course, the student matriculates, full credit for the first course will be given. If the student decides not to matriculate, the student will be given a certificate of completion of the first course.

Matriculation For Bachelor's Degree

Frequently Asked Questions

The time needed to complete the bachelor’s degree is entirely dependent on the student’s pace. The shortest amount of time needed to complete this degree is 2 years. It is recommended that medical students entering the AUN in their first or second year of medical school not to rush and to pace their AUN degree over 3-5 years so they have time to complete the requirements of both medical school and AUN (for U.S medical students, the AUN bachelor’s degree requirements must be completed within the 4-year MD degree program)

The estimated cost for the AUN bachelor’s degree Class of 2021 will be $90 per credit point. Students entering the 2021 class will have a projected fee of $2700 for the bachelor’s degree. Our fees are projected to increase as of January 2022, however, students entering the 2021 class will lock in their rate at $90 per credit. The projected fee for the full degree depends on the transferred number credits/amount of courses-credits the student takes in the AUN.

Yes, AUN is working on a scholarship program especially for students from developing countries. More information regarding student awards, scholarships and application will be available by the time the matriculation for the bachelor’s degree is opened.

The requirements of a bachelor’s degree in the US is 120 credit points. The AUN bachelor’s degree is being provided to students that are attending an accredited medical school. AUN will accept credit transfer from medical schools however the maximum number of credits that can be transferred are 90. Students must complete at least 30 credit points at AUN in order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in neurosurgery.

The 30 credits at AUN will include several mandatory and elective courses

The conversion of credits will be completed by an AUN committee.

A student must be actively enrolled in an accredited medical school to enroll in the bachelor’s degree at AUN.

  • AUN provides the very first academic degree in the field of neurosurgery. The AUN bachelor’s degree will prepare students for residency at a level that students have never achieved before. Our mentorship programs will also provide students an opportunity to connect with professors/neurosurgeons who will guide them through the process of applying into competitive residency programs.


  • In order to graduate from AUN one must enroll into an AUN Research project with the resulting work published in a peer-reviewed journal. The latter is a key factor for the competitive neurosurgery programs from an application standpoint.