Visiting the Alhambra Palace

Explore with us the landmark of Granada.

Thursday, 22nd of September 2022

At the end of the first day of our scientific program, we want to raise the spirits and offer you a combination of exploration and fun. To that end, we have organized a Treasure Hunt! The Hunt will take place in the city of Granada, where you will have to answer neurosurgical questions and solve mysteries tied to the centuries’ old history of the city to advance. At the end of the trip, we will have the chance to visit the Alhambra Palace. 

We have procured a special price for the first 100 guests in the historical site. Instead of the usual entry fee of 42€, the ticket is now 14€. To get this ticket, however, we need to provide the organizers of this deal with passport or ID numbers.

Please fill out the following form to provide us with the votal information for our visit to Alhambra Palace on the 22nd of September!